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Michael Moore Tells Hollywood Elite to Brace for Schwarzenegger Presidential Candidacy in 2008

On the evening of Friday, December 3, 2004 , Academy Award Winning Director Michael Moore, was the guest of honor at an unofficial meeting of top members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The event was held at the former mansion of child star, Shirley Temple. It was so secretive that many of the guests were searched for camera and recording equipment, and all bodyguards were ordered outside.

Alex Jones, founder of Americans Against Arnold (Arnold confirmed the following through two separate sources who were in attendance: Michael Moore, standing in front of some of the most powerful people in Hollywood , told the participants that serious forces were working “relentlessly” to amend the Constitution so Arnold Schwarzenegger could run for President in 2008.

Moore continued by saying that he had no doubt that Schwarzenegger's controllers would get this done and that those in Hollywood who were concerned about what was happening better get serious and get serious now. He added that the American people know that Bush is a puppet and do not care and they would not have a problem with Schwarzenegger being a figurehead.

At this point, he indicated that branding was what would be important. He recommended a full mobilization and the enlistment of “beloved” individuals like Robert Redford, Paul Newman and others to potentially run for President against Arnold .

So now, top Hollywood Democrats are talking about Arnold for President being a done deal. This is ridiculous. The majority of Americans, the Founding Fathers and the Constitution are against the changes Schwarzenegger's people want to make. All we have to do is stand up and say “no!”

Whether you are a Republican who cares about your gun rights or a Democrat who is against wars for empire, you should be grabbing your torches and your pitchforks (figuratively) and be actively engaged in fighting against Arnold 's amend movement. For those who are still in denial, it is time for you to wake up to the fact that Schwarzenegger is already running for President.

Michael Moore then talked about Republican-funded ads running in film industry publications telling Academy members to vote against Michael Moore getting an Oscar for Fahrenheit 911. The general attitude in the room was that there needed to be counter-effort to make sure Moore would win the Oscar.

On Monday, the 29 th of November, former President H. W. Bush gave Arnold Schwarzenegger the George Bush Award at his Presidential library and told the crowd, "in regard to him ever being president of the United States , my advice to you Aggies and to any of those doubters, don't bet against Arnold Schwarzenegger.” Arnold responded by saying that he would like to see the Constitution amended so he could shoot for the top.

Even, USA Today and the Los Angeles Times had to admit that Arnold is basically already running for President and publicly pushing to have the Constitution amended. However, political strategists point out that if he publicly lobbies for himself personally people will say that amending the Constitution for just one man is ridiculous. By framing the debate in the context of “let's be fair to our 30 million immigrants,” Arnold and his gang may just be able to push the amendment through.

A similar amendment came within three states of passing just a few decades ago. Whether it's Congressman Dana Rohrabacher telling us that the Republican leadership wants Arnold in '08, or President Bush telling us to “do not doubt,” or “don't bet against” Arnold , the mantra is the same: resistance is futile, we're going to put a foreigner in the White House.

Americans Against Arnold supports the Constitutional provisions against any foreign-born citizen being able to run for President. Every other country has similar provisions – it is just common sense.

The cover story in the December 3rd issue of USA Today said that Americans Against Arnold has “raised allegations” that Arnold 's father was a Nazi. That is like saying the sun allegedly rises in the morning or that Arnold allegedly was born in Austria . We allege nothing. We state known fact. Arnold 's Nazi connections go a lot farther than his father. Everybody knows this.

An Article in TIME Magazine , titled, “ Arnold 's Groupies,” implies that the amend for Arnold movement is a spontaneous grassroots effort by out-of-work housewives. In reality, Amend for Arnold 's founder, Lissa Morgantheler-Jones was a founding member of Arnold 's campaign for governor and on the board of his fund-raising team.

Schwarzenegger has always said that he wants to amend the Constitution to run for President. His wife, Maria Shriver says she wants the Constitution changed, “but not for Arnold .” It cannot get any more transparent than this: While running a fulltime campaign against the Constitution, they deny the campaign has any connection to them to deflect criticism from the beneficiary, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, there are legions of reasons to be against amending the Constitution. The case against changing the Constitution only gets stronger when you cut through the spin and realize that all of this is for Arnold Schwarzenegger, an individual who constantly talks about how people need to be dominated and controlled, and who openly talks about his dreams of being a dictator.

What Americans should be most concerned about is the establishment media's complicity in spinning and whitewashing for Arnold Schwarzenegger who can only honestly be described as a bullying power-mad control-freak.

Bottom line: the establishment wants Arnold and the people do not. In the next three and a half years we can all look forward to space age public relations teams trying to cram Schwarzenegger down our throats. Please help Americans Against Arnold get the word out. Please donate at Arnold so we can run radio and television ads in California and save the Constitution.

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