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Will Arnold Return to Europe to Run for Head of the E.U.?

Arnold Exposed | December 15, 2004

Arnold Exposed received this interesting e-mail from a concerned American:

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger, frustrated by failures to run for the highest office in the United States, return home to Europe and triumph in the elections as the "born leader" of the pan-European movement's party? Will the EU's strong man then vent his anger against the United States and wreak havoc on the world?

When I called Governor Schwarzenegger's office the first time to inquire "Has Governor Schwarzenegger ever considered running for president of the European Union or would he consider it?" The fellow said he was pretty sure he wouldn't. When I asked, "Is that a yes or a no," he said he hadn't heard him say anything about it. I didn't want his opinions, I wanted him to find out Arnold's factual position.

He then put me through to Lee in the Press Office who graciously took note of my questions and said if she found out anything she'd give me a call. I called again to leave my email, rather than just my phone number. Still didn't hear anything by today so I just called and she said they had no comment.

When pressed as to does that mean Mr. Schwarzenegger doesn't plan to run for European office, or doesn't want to discuss it, for whatever reasons, she simply said "We don't have any comment for your book." When I said what should I say when I write about Arnold's refusal to answer a simple question, she said say the "Press office declines to comment." WHY?


Europe's far right consider coalition

EU Observer | October 12, 2004

By Honor Mahony

Europe's far right parties are considering forming a pan-European movement together.

Filip Dewinter, the leader of an extremist separatist party in Belgium, told the Vienna-based News on Thursday that they were considering creating an extreme right grouping in the European Parliament.

This would encompass Austria's Freedom Party, Italy's Lega Nord, France's National Front, the Dutch New Right Party and de Winter's own Vlaams Belang - all strongly anti-immigrant.

Mr Dewinter said he is considering Jörg Haider, leader of Austria's Freedom Party, to be the head of the movement.

"I've had several talks with Jörg Haider and have the feeling that he's interested in this cooperation", said Mr Dewinter.

"I'm proposing to Jörg Haider that he be the top candidate of our movement".

Mr Haider became well known in Europe when, after doing so well in the 1999 elections in Austria, his party joined the centre-right government - resulting in sanctions by other member states against the country.

If the talks come to fruition, the coalition would run on a single platform in the European elections in 2009.