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The son of an SS nazi officer,
Schwarzenegger has publicly stated that
he has dreamed of being a dictator and that he
admires Hitler. He campaigned for war criminal
Kurt Waldhiem after it had been made public that he
was a top nazi.

The stories of Arnold's barbaric harrassment of women are
legendary. He publicly admits to steroid and marijuana use.

He supported Enron chief, Ken Lay during the California energy
crisis and now his political operatives have launched a blitzkrieg
promoting him for President and seeking to end the Constitutional
bar against him holding that office. And there's more...
Article 2 Section 5
The Constitution
Nazi Links
Harassing Women
Illegal Drugs
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Americans Against Arnold has launched defensive measures against Arnold Schwarzenegger's bliztkrieg attack on the Constitution because we love America and believe that the Founding Fathers were right: only someone born in America should be able to be President.

Just as important, we are dedicated to exposing the individual, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is totally unfit to be Governor of California, much less President of the United States. Arnold will serve as a meticulously documented encyclopedia of Arnold's sinister, grotestque and even barbaric activites, from his nazi links to illegal drug use and sexual harrassment. More...

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  • Schwarzenegger to push global warming tax. More...
  • Westly wants Schwarzenegger to explain jet deal. More...
  • VIDEO: In Arnolds own words: "Here's how it works. Money comes in, favors go out, the people lose." More...
  • Senior Bush Suggests That Schwarzenegger Could Someday Become President, National Campaign Intensifies into Sixth Week More...
  • Head of Movement to Amend Constitution For Schwarzenegger Soft-Peddles Arnold's Nazi Links, Drug Use, Sexual Harrassment More...
USA Today covers the sick push to amend the Constitution for would-be dictator Arnold and our fight to save the Presidency

Americans Against Arnold's launch has already received extensive media coverage across the country. From CNN to the Associated Press, information about our important movement to stop Arnold Schwarzenegger and his politcal operatives from destroying the US Constitution has appeared on radio, tv and in print from coast to coast. More...

Alex Jones and everyone at Americans Against Arnold would like to thank everyone that submitted a video or audio PSA. Everyone who entered is a winner for getting in the arena and taking action. It wasn't easy to choose just one from each category among all of the fantastic submissions but we have and the winning entries are posted here.

We will be posting some of our other favorite entries in the coming weeks, so check back often.

More quotes on our quotes page...

""I thought I was the only one that was listening.....I am just one little old lady in Fl that gets sick at the thought of changing the Constitution....and especially to suit Arnold...What are people thinking? ..."

Read more emails -- Click Here (last updated 12/7/2004)

Head of Movement to Amend Constitution For Schwarzenegger Soft-Peddles Arnold's Nazi Links, Drug Use, Sexual Harrassment -- for this Press Release and more, please visit our Media Section...
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